Islamic Medical Treatment Mobile Clinic in Oxford

IMT Oxford

Insha’Allah we will be holding a Mobile Clinic in Oxford as follows:

Date: Saturday 3rd April 2010

Time: 10am – 12pm

Venue: Iqra School, David Nicholls Close, Littlemore, Oxford, OX4 4PU

Entrance is free and all are welcome


1. Introduction to Islamic Medical Treatment
2. Q&A
3. Jinn Screening*
4. Treatment *Jinn Screening is a session to diagnose whether one is affected by Jinn disturbances. This will allow one to seek treatment if the diagnosis proves positive.

Seating is limited to 80 people – if you are interested, please arrive punctually

For further enquiries please contact PISANG: 07799 464642 / info @ pisang.org.uk


PISANG meets Malaysian Students Department Cairo


Hamidi (Chairman) and Nor Azian (Secretary cum Director of Research) were in Cairo, Egypt from 23rd to 27th March 2010. Apart from meeting PISANG Mesir, the Hamidi and Nor Azian also had a meeting with the Dr. Jamil Hashim (Director, Malaysian Students Department), Ustaz Abdullah Mat (JAKIM Officer) and En. Zulkifli Din (Education Atache, Malaysian Students Department) on 23rd March.

Amongst the subjects discussed were PISANG’s plan to host 2 or 3 students from Egypt for the planned “Social Service Programme” in UK. Under this programme, the selected students will spend 3 months in the UK and will undertake several voluntary tasks in the UK e.g. performing Islamic Medical Treatment to PISANG’s clients and teaching of Islam to Muslim reverts. Candidates will be chosen from those who have attended PISANG Islamic Medical Treatment course and have at least basic communication skills in English. MSD Cairo has requested PISANG to increase the number of participants.

An Intellectual Discourse on “Holistic Approach to Medical Treatment” is also planned for October 2010. The 1-day Intellectual Discourse which will be jointly organised by PISANG and Malaysian Students Department Cairo will target 200 Medical students and Religious Studies students. The event aims to create a new breed of Medical students who studies Islamic Medical Treatment alongside modern medicine.


Islamic Medical Treatment Mobile Clinic in Sheffield

Sheffield Clinic

Insha’Allah we will be holding an Islamic Medical Treatment mobile clinic in Sheffield as follows:

Date: Sunday 14th March 2010 (1030am – 6:30pm)
Venue: PMC (Pakistan Muslim Centre), Woodbourn Road, Darnall, Sheffield, S9
Organisers: PISANG (Professional Islamic Support and Nurture Group) in collaboration with:

  • Melayu UK
  • United Colours of Islam
  • SMSA (Sheffield Malaysian Students Association)
  • SHU Islamic Society
  • iluvislam.com
Entrance Fee: None – however participants are encouraged to donate money to PISANG


Programme Chair: Suhaib Hamidi (President of Melayu UK)

1030 Doors Open
1100 Islamic Medical Treatment + Q&A Session: Hamidi Abdul Rahman (Chairman of PISANG)
1230 Dhuhr Prayer
1300 Consultation session
1330 Lunch 1400 Islamic Medical Treatment
1530 Asr Prayer and Break
1600 Islamic Medical Treatment (cont.)
1830 Programme End


  • Dhuhr – 12:16, Asr – 15:23, Maghrib – 18:09
  • Food stall is open throughout the event to serve snacks and drinks. Rice will be served during lunch period
  • Islamic Medical Treatment will be provided for free.

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Wan Mohd Sufian Wan Husain will also be joining us at the clinic to provide treatment. Trained by Darussyifa’ Islamic Medical Treatment Centre in Malaysia, Mr. Wan Sufian brings along many years of experience in Islamic Medical Treatment.

Please register as soon as possible to enable us to schedule the treatment sessions. Treatment priority will be given to those who attend the talk at the start of event and those who have pre-registered.

If you are would like to attend the clinic for treatment or simply to hear a talk on Islamic Medical Treatment, please register using the using the online form.

Please bring some mineral water. You can bring as much water as you like. For more information please contact:

  • PISANG Tel: 07799 464642 / email: info @ pisang.org.uk

Papers from Muzakarah Pakar ready for download

Muzakarah Pakar

Jabatan Mufti Selangor, Malaysia with the cooperation from PISANG organised a seminar “Muzakarah Pakar: Bentuk-bentuk Sihir Pengasih dan Metodologi Diagnosis” on 16 December 2009. Two papers in Malay were presented at the seminar:

  • Sihir: Kesannya Kepada ‘Aqidah dan Bagaimana Mengatasinya by Dato’ Dr Haron Din
  • Bentuk-bentuk Sihir Pengasih dan Metodologi Diagnosis by Hanafi Rahman El Fesfanji

Papers can be obtained in the Download section.


Mufti calls for law to govern practice of black magic

By Mazlinda Mahmood


Selangor mufti Datuk Mohd Tamyes Abdul Wahid wants a law enacted to govern the practice of magic, especially black magic.

He said such a law is necessary to prevent the use of black magic by people who want to control their spouses and those who employ it for criminal activities

Tamyes said black magic practitioners and those who used magic for evil purposes were getting away with it as there was no law against it.

“Black magic is difficult to prove in court as the practice is abstract and cannot be proven by the five senses.

“Therefore, legal practitioners and the authorities must think of a suitable form of law to charge black magic practitioners in court,” he said after launching a seminar entitled Muzakarah Pakar: Bentuk Sihir Pengasih dan Metodologi Diagnosis (Expert Seminar: Forms of Love Magic and Diagnosis Methodology) organised by the Selangor Mufti’s Department here yesterday.

Tamyes said the resolutions from the seminar would be referred to the state Fatwa Committee for discussion before they are taken to the National Fatwa Committee.

He said the law on black magic could be included in the Syariah Criminal Enactment for offences committed by Muslims, while a new act must be created for non-Muslims.

One of the panellists, Datuk Dr Haron Din, said attention must be given towards having a legal provision to stop the use of black magic, especially among Muslims, as there is a pressing need for it based on the current situation.

He said black magic, which is against the precepts of Islam and would ultimately bring harm to its practitioners, is widely used for criminal activities, such as casting spells during robbery as has been reported in several jewellery heists recently.

“Criminals were said to have tapped a victim’s back or blown cigarette smoke on a victim’s face to cast a spell, making them unaware they are being robbed.”

He said black magic practitioners usually have special rooms and use specific tools like an animal skull, rosary beads, incense, old weapons like parang, kris, sword, and yellow or blue cloth and these could be used as evidence by the prosecutors to charge them in court.

Haron proposed that black magic practitioners be charged under the Takzir law where the punishment for an offence would be up to a judge’s discretion.

He said a charge under Takzir is easier as it only needs direct and indirect evidence compared with Hudud which needs proof without any doubt.

Haron added that the punishment could include jail and whipping according to syariah and banishment from the district.

Source: http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/NST/articles/08gia/Article/index_html


Malaysian Students in South Korea Welcome PISANG


The interest in knowing more about Islamic Medical Treatment has prompted some Malaysian students in South Korea to host an event on the subject. Gone are the days when people feel embarassed to talk about Islamic Medical Treatment, fearing that they may be labelled as those living in the 19th Century or even before that. They can now talk about the unseen creation of God and how these unseen creatures can cause illnesses to mankind.

The growing interest in the subject amongst intellectuals around the globe is very encouraging. These will be the people who will promote Islamic Medical Treatment and will ready to face the skeptics. The main reason why some people are still skeptical about Islamic Medical Treatment is simply because they have not got the chance to know more about the knowledge. For this reason PISANG will continue to propagate Islamic Medical Treatment throughout the globe, challenging the skeptics if necessary.


PISANG events in Egypt

wacana mesir
Photo (left to right): Hamidi Abdul Rahman (Chairman, PISANG), Dr Jamil Hashim (Director Malaysian Students Department Cairo), Ustaz Hj Abdullah Mat (JAKIM Officer, Cairo), Ustaz Mat Jaiz Kamus (Jabatan Mufti Selangor)

PISANG held several events Egypt recently when a team comprising of Trimizi Zainal, Hamidi Abdul Rahman, Qurrotu Akyun Daud and Sarah Hamidi were there from 29th June to 16th July 2009. The trip was a response to the invitation by the Malay community studying there.

Some of the events organised were:

  • Islamic Medical Treatment course Part I
  • Islamic Medical Treatment course Part II
  • One-day Intellectual Discourse. Theme: Muslim graduates as catalyst for the generation of Khaira Ummah.
  • Presentation of Islamic Medical Treatment concept in Damanhur
  • 3 dialogue sessions between Malay students in Egypt and Sarah Hamidi and Qurrotu Akyun
  • Mobile clinics in Cairo, Damanhur and Alexandria

About 250 participants attended the Islamic Medical Treatment courses. A meeting was also held with PISANG-Mesir (please refer to pisang-mesir.blogspot.com for more information on PISANG-Mesir).


Introduction to PISANG at Melayu UK camping

Melayu UK (Malay Community Association of UK) will be holding a camping from 24th July to 27th July at Ashworth Valley Campsite, Rochdale. A session has been allocated to PISANG and we invite everybody to attend the camping organised by Melayu UK. Participation is open to all regardless of whether they are members of Melayu UK or not.

For more information, please visit Melayu UK website www.melayu.org.uk


Islamic Medical Treatment and Mental Health

The jinn-screening and Islamic Medical Treatment exercises done by PISANG in the last few months have brought some interesting aspects on the relationship between jinn infliction and mental health problems. To date several people with mental illness/mental health problems such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression have been tested positive to have jinn-affliction.

Our method for testing jinn-infliction is non-intrusive and is achieved through the recitation of selected verses of the Quran on the person. The verses are read aloud and those who have been inflicted will experience various feeling such as sharp pain, heaviness on the shoulder, sharp increase in heartbeat, hot etc. As this method involves feedback from those being screened, it removes any suspicion that our diagnosis of jinn-affliction is a hoax. Sceptics who have been attending our jinn-screening sessions have also been silenced.

We are keen to have people with mental health problems to undergo a programme of Islamic Medical Treatment whilst they continue with their prescribed medication, if any. The Islamic Medical Treatment programme will use a holistic approach and will comprise of, but not restricted to, Ruqyah Syar’iyyah methodology, talking therapy and plan of actions for the patients.

Ruqyah Shar’iyyah is a non-intrusive Islamic Medical Treatment methodology through the recitation of selected Quranic verses on the patient. As the Quranic verses are read aloud, patients and carers will feel comfortable that our methodology is in accordance with Islamic guidelines. This is not just our view but also the view of those who have attended our jinn-screening and Islamic Medical Treatment sessions. It is therefore not surprising that we are continuing to receive numerous requests for more mobile clinics to be organised. However our limited financial resources means that most of the requests could not be fulfilled.

The number of people with Mental Health problems that we have is still very small, making it impossible to do a proper scientific study. We hope more people with Mental Illness / Mental Health problems will contact us and benefit from Islamic Medical Treatment. PISANG is a not-for-profit organisation and one of our objectives is to promote Islamic Medical Practice. This can be achieved through the publication of our research activities.

PISANG follows Islamic guidelines in Islamic Medical Treatment and patients do not have to embrace the Islamic faith to benefit from our


Busy months for PISANG

It has been very challenging for the PISANG team as the number of those with problems were high and they were geographically dispersed throughout the country. A lot of time were also spent travelling from place to place to treat those who needed follow-up treatments. Most of the places had to be visited several times e.g. Manchester (5 times), Leeds (3 times), Glasgow (2 times), London (4 times) etc.

The response to PISANG initiative has been overwhelming with some localities requesting PISANG to hold further mobile clinics and Islamic Medical Treatment courses. Requests has also been coming not only from localities in the UK but also from countries across the globe such as Indonesia and Tanzania. This is in addition to countries which we have already committed to visit this year e.g. Australia.

This year will be extremely busy for PISANG. The next international activity will be in Egypt from mid June to mid July.

PISANG is a not-for-profit organisation and is highly dependent on donations to fund our activities. The financial constraint means that we have to prioritise our activities. We welcome donations and please contact us if you would like to make a donation.