The belief in jinn possession is deeply rooted amongst Muslims. A previous quantitative research has identified 23 significant symptoms of jinn possession. The loadings of the symptoms were used to create a scale for positive identification of jinn possession. The scale aims to provide the easy identification of jinn possession without knowing the complexity of jinn possession. The scale can be used for early identification of jinn possession or identification of jinn possession cases amongst mental health patients. 1088 data samples from the previous research, comprising of 530 cases of jinn possession and 588 cases of non-possession, were used to create the scale. The score of every sample were calculated, and the computed data were analysed using Receiver Operations Characteristics. A cut-off score of 1.9 was obtained to indicate those considered to have jinn possession. A new set of 188 participants were recruited to validate the scale by comparing the diagnosis according to the scale with that of ruqyah. 109 participants were diagnosed as having jinn possession by the scale, with 108 of them confirmed by ruqyah giving a success rate of 99.1%. The scale is a useful instrument that health professionals can use for positive identification of jinn possession without the need for learning ruqyah. Suspected cases of jinn possession can then be referred for complementary treatment with confidence.

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