A case study on a female Malay living in the UK with serious eczema was
presented. Her parents believed that it was a condition called santau, a
common cultural belief in South East Asian countries. Santau is believed as
the insertion of poisonous materials into the victim’s body with the help of
jinn. Santau is normally differentiated from other medical skin conditions
by the rapid deterioration of the condition and rapid improvement after
successful treatment. Her skin condition was intolerable after a trip to
Malaysia. Unable to be admitted to hospital because of the pressure on
hospital beds during the Covid-19 pandemic, she resorted to intensive
multiple-day ruqyah therapy, a therapy based on the incantation of verses
from the Quran. Remarkable improvement was observed after three days.
Apart from delivering therapeutic outcome, ruqyah therapy as a
Traditional and Complementary Medicine has its role in relieving the
pressure on the mainstream health system especially in time of pandemic.

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