Simposium 2016
Hamidi and Dato’ Nordin Ibrahim, Deputy Head Director (Policy) of JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) at the symposium

The research group LRGS/TD/2012/USM-UKM/KT/03 of National University of Malaysia in collaboration with GAPPIMA (Federation of Islamic Medical Treatment Practitioners Malaysia) organised the “Simposium Perubatan Islam 2016” (Symposium on Islamic Medicine 2016) on 26th-27th April 2016. The symposium was attended by academicians, medical professionals and Islamic medical treatment practitioners. The theme of the symposium was “Towards a professional and contemporary Islamic Medicine”, aiming at defining and modernising Islamic medicine.

7 papers were presented at the symposium:

  • Konsep, definisi dan skop perubatan dan pengubatan by Prof Dr Supyan Hussin PhD (University of Illinois) & Nor Azian Ab Rahman (PhD candidate) , UKM.
  • Classification of diseases from the Islamic perspective : A Preliminary Study by Prof Madya Dr Azizi Abu Bakar MBBS, MS Surgery (UKM), Neurosurgery Fellowship ( Australia), HUKM ; Nor Azian Ab Rahman (PhD Candidate) & Prof Dr Supyan Hussin PhD ( University of Illinois), UKM.
  • Perubatan bersepadu: komplementari atau integrasi? by Dr Zul Azlin Razali MBBS (UIAM), DrPsych (UKM), USIM.
  • Integration of Islamic Ruqya practices into modern medicine: Myth and reality by Prof Madya Dr Wan Mohd Azizi Wan Sulaiman MD (USM), MHERBMED(Sydney), PhD (IIUM), UIAM.
  • Falsafah dan teori kewujudan manusia dalam Islam di sebalik modul terapi spiritual Islam by Prof Madya Dr Mostafa Kamal Mokhtar SmPI (UKMalaysia); MA (Birmingham); PhD (UIAMalaysia) UKM; Prof Dr Supyan Hussin, PhD ( University of Illinois), UKM & Dr Ahmad Razak S.Ag (UMIndo); S.Psi (UPIndo); M.Psi (UGMIndi); PhD (UKMalay)
  • Mental health disorders: Challenges and opportunities for superiority of Islamic-based therapy by Hamidi Abdul Rahman, MSc Psychotherapy Studies (University of Sheffield), Professional Islamic Support And Nurture Group, UK.
  • Amalan Holistik Perubatan Islam by Prof. Kanan Dr. Mohamed Hatta Shaharom, MBBCh(Cairo), DrPsych(UKM), DipPemIslam (Msia), CertForPsych(Monash), FAM(Msia), Pakar Psikiatri CUCMS dan Ahli Majlis Profesor Negara

The Chairman of PISANG, Hamidi Abdul Rahman, focussed on mental health and presented the paper “Mental Health Disorder: Challenges and Opportunities for Superiority of Islamic-based Therapy”. Please click here to view the full paper.

Simposium 2016 b
Simposium 2016 c