Talk in Gothenburg
Hamidi giving talk in Gothenburg, Sweden

In Stockholm, we held an event with the Pattani Malays (Pattani is located in southern Thailand). The discussion was also very lively and everybody wished we had more time. At the request of the participants, we conducted a group jinn-screening session. Jinn screening is a diagnostic tool using Islamic Shariah-compliant incantation (ruqyah) for the detection of jinn-related problems. Our 3 days in Stockholm were also filled with requests for Quranic Therapy from the Muslim community there.

Our brief stay in Norway was filled by visiting the Muslim community in Oslo. We are also grateful to a family in Fredrikstad who hosted a dinner for us. The family knew of our trip to Norway beforehand and had requested us to visit them.

The Netherlands is one of the countries in Europe that PISANG delegation frequently go. The request from the community for Quranic Therapy has been growing since our first visit many years ago, but due to time constraint, we can only afford to accept limited number of requests for Quranic Therapy.

Since the formal registration of PISANG in the UK about 6 years ago, we have been at the forefront of innovative efforts to promote Quranic Therapy. In the early days, we held mobile clinics to bring awareness to the public and also conducted training courses. We have always viewed Quranic Therapy as a health discipline. Since our registration, we have moved forward to improve the therapy through our own research and development. Our aim is to make Quranic Therapy a mainstream therapy for jinn-related disorder. We also aim to create a new generation of Quranic Therapists who will be highly respected for their professionalism in the health sector. Muslims and non-Muslims will be able to benefit from this new breed of therapists.

In December last year, we embarked on a new service called the Quranic Therapy Retreat. This service is the result of our own research and development and we are confident that this innovative service is the future for therapy of jinn-related disorders. PISANG is a registered organisation and we built our reputation through our track record and professional credentials. With our expertise and determination on research and development, our Quranic Therapy can only get better.