Lund Leadership

PISANG successfully conducted a leadership training programme in Lund, Sweden on 6th May 2012. The event was attended by members of the Malay community from Sweden, Germany and Norway who originally came from Patani (Southern Thailand). PISANG’s chairman, Hamidi, presented “Melayu Di Eropah: Sumbangan Menerusi Kepimpinan Berkualiti” (Malays in Europe: Contributions Through Quality Leadership) and the Director of Islamic Support, Ustaz Halim, presented “Corak Kepimpinan Islam di Negara Minoriti Islam” (The Characteristics of Islamic Leadership in Muslim Minority Countries). The event also featured a workshop on “Golongan Muda Pemangkin Pembaharuan” (The Young Generation as a Catalyst for Reform”). A combination of English and Malay languages were used throughout the event.

Before reaching Lund, the delegation from PISANG, comprising of 4 directors and 3 volunteers, also had meetings with Malaysian, Indonesian and Thai Malay communities from Rotterdam and The Hague in The Netherlands and Thai Malay community in Hamburg, Germany. Participants showed great interest in PISANG’s role and objectives and requested us to conduct Quranic Therapy sessions. Their determination in getting the most from our trip and getting Quranic Therapy treatment meant that the meetings had to be extended past midnight into the early hours of the next morning.

All participants were very enthusiastic with PISANG’s vision and mission and requested us to continue organise Leadership Training events in their cities. We are also pleased with the response and outcome and plan to conduct Leadership Training events in Hamburg (Germany), Lund (Sweden) and Stockholm (Sweden) next year. This is also a great challenge to us as we have to raise funding to ensure that more people can benefit from our activities and services.