Turkish community Rotterdam

PISANG delegation comprising of all 4 directors and 4 volunteers toured Europe from 6th to 14th Septermber 2011. The tour aimed to extend nextworking with Muslim communities in Europe, promote Quranic Therapy and prepare the groundwork for future events there. We are pleased with the outcome of the tour and had forged valuable links with Muslim communities in Chamonix, Geneva, Berne, Frankfurt and Rotterdam.

PISANG is actively promoting Quranic Therapy as a serious and effective form of therapy for Mental Health problems. This will also require a paradigm shift in the learning and practise of Quranic Therapy so that it will become a respected discipline globally. Awareness of Quranic Therapy will encourage the public, Muslims and non-Muslims, to resort to Quranic Therapy and this will help us in collecting more empirical evidences for our Research and Development.

The tour has also enabled us to identify other roles that PISANG can contribute to the Muslim community in Europe. We are now planning to organise a Leadership Training Camp for Muslims youths in Europe. The event will be held in Hamburg, Germany from 6th to 9th April 2012 (Easter Bank Holiday weekend). The event will be subsidised by PISANG using donations that we have received. Please contact us if you interested in participating in the event or if you wish to make a financial contribution to the event.