To provide Islamic support and nurture is one of PISANG’s main objectives. Since our presence in the UK, many of our clients have requested us to provide basic Islamic education to enable them to practice their Islamic obligations correctly.

Many Muslims grew up in the UK during a time when opportunities to learn about Islam were difficult to find. Their parents may have been unable to give them basic Islamic education when they were young or maybe they did not have the interest in learning about Islam during their childhood. There is a growing number of Muslim youths and adults nowadays who are beginning to love Islam and want to practice Islam but still lack the basic knowledge like obligatory individual Islamic knowledge (Fardhu Ain knowledge) or do not know how to read the Quran. There are many classes that teaches Islam from scratch but their target audience is children and are not suitable for youth or adults.

PISANG started weekly classes for adults in Oxford about two weeks ago and the classes will carry on until the current batch of participants are fully conversant with obligatory individual Islamic knowledge and able to read the Quran fluently. The classes will continue after that but with a new batch of participants. We hope that our effort will be replicated to service our clients in other cities in the UK.