Through our scientific research we are able to pioneer innovative therapy for jinn possession disorder. This has enabled Pisangtherapy retreat to excel over other psychotherapy or ruqyah-based therapies. We have organised over 170 retreats since December 2013.

We are proud to provide Quality holistic therapy that is driven by Research & Development. PISANG is also a specialist centre for the therapy
of jinn possession.


You remember us during times of illness and difficulty. Some of you have even said that there has been a blockage on your rizq. Now that you are better off than before, please also remember others who are less fortunate. We are actively helping poor and impoverished Muslims in Cambodia. Please pay your zakat to us so that we can help them. You can estimate your annual zakat, and start making monthly payments to the account below. This will make it easy to fulfil your obligations as well as managing your finances efficiently.

Bank: Lloyds Bank
Sort-code: 30-90-77
Account number: 17963868
Account name: Pisang
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Our counselling services is provided by qualified counsellor and psychotherapist and we provide these services from the Islamic perspective.

Our marital counselling service not only addresses human relationship issues but also looks in aspects of problems in relationship caused by jinn. This gives a better combined therapy that brings better outcome.

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Therapeutic massage decreases muscular tension and speeds up the removal of waste.

Cupping detoxify the body and will enhance the homeostatic balance to achieve better health.

We encourage our clients to engage in holistic therapy so that their rate of recovery can be faster.

Pisangtherapy Retreats

Pisangtherapy Retreat is an innovative therapy for jinn-related disorders. Pisangtherapy intervention will be applied on the participants during the period. The Pisangtherapy Retreat, introduced in December 2013, will deliver numerous significant advantages compared to ad hoc ruqyah. Since December 2013 we have organised over 170 retreats. If you have been spending too many sessions of ad hoc ruqyah without much progress, or have just realised that various information you found on the internet have misled you, or see yourself spiralling down with your self-treatment, then the retreat will InshaAllah deliver the breakthrough in therapeutic benefit that you badly need.

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For those who are unable to attend retreats, it is advisable to book 1-day intensive (for a 3-session ruqyah) rather than book for a one-session ruqyah. Please contact us via phone or email to book your appointment.


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