At PISANG, our Pisangtherapy goes beyond ruqyah (Quranic incantations). When someone comes to us saying that he or she has a jinn inside his or her body, we don't just focus on getting rid of the jinn. Apart from the jinn inside the body, we also recognise that there is a human soul as well who is rightful owner of the body.

Pisangtherapy is not only focused on getting rid of the jinn (for jinn-related problems) but is also focused on building the human soul which have been shattered since the entrance of the jinn. In short, Pisangtherapy combines the best of ruqyah and psychotherapy. We also apply the knowledge of physiology and anatomy to improve the efficacy of the therapy. So, whether your problem is jinn-related or purely psychological or a combination of both, our Pisangtherapy methodology will bring benefit to you, God willing.

Pisangtherapy will still have a positive effect even if you are taking medications for your mental health problems. In fact, from our records, clients with severe mental health disorders have shown significant improvement by taking medication and engaging in Pisangtherapy. If we feel that our clients need medication, we will advise them to see their GP or psychiatrists.

When you engage in any therapy, you expect to get better. If the therapy you are undergoing is causing your condition to get worse, then there is a possibility that you have chosen the wrong therapy. If you think that the right therapy has been chosen, then there is a possibility that the therapists lack the expertise to deliver the therapy effectively.

A good therapist is a person who helps you to overcome your predicament and not an angry person who simply puts the blame on you for all your predicaments. By having the therapeutic relationship with knowledgeable professional therapist, you will be able to overcome your predicaments easily, God willing. The reason for seeking therapy is to get help, not to get blamed.

As in any other diseases or disorder, it is advisable to seek therapy early rather than late. Early therapy is aimed at shortening the period of recovery and decreasing the severity of the disorder. This will minimise the complications that can arise from untreated disorders. Late therapy will need more intensive therapy programme which will lengthen the recovery period.

We also encourage those who do not know how to read the Quran to learn reading the Quran via our "MyTajwid" online resource. Reading Quran with proper tajwid (pronunciation rules) will have more impact on the well-being and help to accelerate the process of recovery, God willing.

Examples of therapy we provide:

  • Jinn Possession
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Psychosis
  • Vaginismus
  • Jinn-screening (checking if you have been afflicted by jinn)

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