What is it?

Pisangtherapy Retreat is an innovative therapy for jinn-related disorders. Pisangtherapy intervention will be applied on the participants during the period. The Pisangtherapy Retreat, introduced in December 2013, will deliver numerous significant advantages compared to ad hoc ruqyah. Since December 2013 we have organised over 170 retreats. If you have been spending too many sessions of ad hoc ruqyah without much progress, or have just realised that various information you found on the internet have misled you, or see yourself spiralling down with your self-treatment, then the retreat will InshaAllah deliver the breakthrough in therapeutic benefit that you badly need.

How many times have you felt or being told by the ruqyah reciters that the jinn has left but later on found out that it is still there. Or perhaps you have been told by the ruqyah reciters that you get a relapse because a new sihr has been sent. How can you be sure of the “stories” that nobody can verify? Do you feel down because some ruqyah reciters have accused you of being the source of your predicaments? Pisangtherapy Retreat will give you a better understanding of what is going on within you. Through the understanding and the realisation of your potential, the retreat will help you to build your self-esteem and move forward with your life.

Ad hoc ruqyah involves a lot of unproductive travelling time and a lot of money spent on travelling. These resources (time and money) can be used efficiently by attending the retreat in order to achieve a much higher therapeutic efficacy. In addition to that, 9 sessions of therapy done over a long period of time e.g. 1 year, will not have the same effect as 9 sessions of therapy done over 3 days.

PISANG is a specialist centre for jinn possession disorder. Our focus is on scientific research and bridging Islamic knowledge with modern medicine and psychology. Through our research we are able to pioneer innovative therapy for jinn possession disorder. This unique combination of knowledge and research has made Pisangtherapy excels over other ruqyah-based therapies.Pisangtherapy Retreat is becoming increasingly popular. We limit it to only 4 participants per retreat so that we can give more focus on each participant. Each participant will get 9 therapy sessions per retreat. Participants are required to be present throughout the retreat period.

If you are interested in attending any future retreats, please contact us so that we can contact you as soon as we have set the dates. Sometimes retreats are fully booked and we may or may not publish the dates on our website. Lately we have also organised retreats at short notice based on demand and have not published them on our website.

Features of the retreat:

  1. Uses Pisangtherapy intervention. Features of Pisangtherapy are:
    • Inspired by Islamic epistemology and Islamic ontology
    • Islamic Existential Psychotherapy
    • Coping strategies
    • Application of anatomy and physiology knowledge for improved therapy
    • Islamic shariah-compliant
  2. Individually-focussed sessions. (8 ruqyah sessions & 1 psychotherapy session. Each session is about 40 minutes)
  3. Residential
  4. Group activities e.g.
    • Congregational prayers
    • Du’a (supplication) and Quran recitation
    • Discussion
  5. Cupping therapy (optional extra). Please click here for fee.
  6. Therapeutic massage (optional extra – female  only). Please click here for fee.

Who will benefit:

  • Those who want therapy from experts in the field of jinn possession and psychology
  • Those who seriously want to engage in the therapy
  • Those who are struggling to get out of their predicament
  • Those who are still confused of their predicament
  • Those who are fed up being blamed for not getting better
  • Those who been told various made-up stories as a cover-up for ineffective treatment
  • Those who value their health
  • Those who are comfortable with group therapy
  • Those who value results more than rethorics
  • Those who want to move forward with their life

Some benefits of residential intensive therapy

  • Conducive environment to enable to focus on therapy
  • Conducive environment for self-motivation
  • Absence of some obstacles, distractions and interferences compared to home environment
  • Consistent daily therapy to help you get out of the vicious circle

Deposit and Refund Policy

We require a non-refundable deposit to confirm booking of retreat.