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PISANG - Ten years on

The first meeting to form PISANG was held in Malaysia in late 2007. Subsequently PISANG was registered in the UK on 8th May 2008. Over the past 10 years we have made significant progress and achievement. When we started, people were sceptical about jinn possession and many of those who were suffering from jinn possession lived in fear of being labelled as superstitious and backwards. We started our drive for public awareness through organising mobile clinics and training on ruqyah in UK, Egypt, Yemen, Australia, South Korea and Malaysia.  We also organised 2 experts seminars on "The implementation of sihr law" with the Selangor State Mufti Department in Malaysia. Since then, people no longer felt inferior in talking about jinn possession and the number of ruqyah centres mushroomed.


Our mission is not limited to awareness but to make interventions for jinn possession mainstream. This cannot be achieved by posting exorcism videos on YouTube. Instead it need a lot of academic research by combining naqli (Islamic text) and aqli (logic, experimental) evidences to create evidenced-based intervention. Our own internal research has produced Pisangtherapy as an effective intervention for jinn possession. Pisangtherapy stands for Psychological Intervention for Spiritual Actualisation N Gratification Therapy. It is a combination of ruqyah and Islamic-Existential and Humanistic psychotherapy. Our psychotherapy philosophy is derived from Islamic exisetential philosophy and focuses on guidance towards achieving Spiritual Actualisation (state of Ihsan as mentioned in Hadith Jibrail) with Gratification (shukur) as a feedback assessment. 


Our efforts in mobilising professionals and academicians to embark on research on jinn possession is progressing at a very encouraging rate. We have participated in many academic conferences including the recent International Muslim Mental Health Conference 2018 in Malaysia. A lot of papers on ruqyah and jinn possession were also presented by various participants during the conference. Discussing about jinn possession is no longer a taboo and Prof Dr Hatta Shaharom, a leading psychiatrist in Malaysia, advised participants not to waste time arguing with those who do not believe in jinn possession.


Hamidi presenting "Inter and Intra-psyche Conflicts and Model for Jinn Possession" at Intenational Muslim Mental Health Conference 2018 in Malaysia


Our effort in promoting research in jinn possession will continue. Currently we are planning to organise "Etho-Science Conference on Complementary Medicine 2018" to be held in December this year inshaAllah. Invited speakers from engineering, science, medical and academic background will deliver interesting topics during the plenary sessions. Topics will include "Identifying Jinn Possession in Mental Disorders", "Diminished Activities of the Pre-frontal Lobe for Patients with Jinn Possession", "The Behavourial Effect of Drugs on Patients with Jinn Possession", "Challenges in Identifying the Influence of Black Magic in the Judicial Process", "Jinn Possession and Pychiatric Disorders", "The impact of Jinn Possession on Productivity and Career Performance", "Jinn Possession and Physiological Dysfunction" etc. Please keep your diary free and join us in the conference in Malaysia. 


As we move into our second decade of operation, we are also planning to train competent therapists for jinn possession. Our therapists will be required to have a good understanding of various knowledge such as anatomy and physiology; psychotherapy theories and approaches;  and other relevent modules. Only Muslims who can read the Quran with tajwid are eligible to enrol on our courses. Further details will be made available later.

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