Saturday, 04 March 2017 09:30

PISANG opens office in Malaysia

PISANG has been active in research on issues relating to jinn possession since we started operation. Our research aims to create our own evidence-based therapy for diseases and disorders with an underlying jinn possession factor. Results from our research is used to improve our therapy and as more results are obtained, we will be able to formulate different procedures for different diseases and disorders. Ruqyah has been and will still at the core of our therapy. Over the past few years, we have successfully created Pisangtherapy, a therapy which integrates our own Islamic-based psychotherapy approach with ruqyah. The introduction of Pisangtherapy Retreat has also enabled breakthroughs that have helped many of our clients to move forward with their life. Those who were confused by misleading claims and videos on the internet now have a clearer picture of how to deal with their predicaments after attending Pisangtherapy retreats.

PISANG provides therapy and we want to ensure that those who trust us will benefit from our therapy. Empathy is part and parcel of our discipline in delivering therapy. We are here to help our clients and not to blame them. Our approach has attracted the widest possible spectrum of people seeking therapy from us. Our clients range from the very poor to the very rich, the very young to the very old. Those who have not been practising Islam feels comfortable to seek help from us. Those who have or are still committing major sins come to us with the hope of sorting our their life. Many who have been humiliated or frowned upon by so-called "practising" Muslims felt comfortable seeking help from us. Empathy is one of our main strength. Our aim is to deliver effective therapy. The effectiveness of the therapy is influenced by many factors. Empathy is one of the factors. With empathy, a therapeutic alliance between the therapist and the client can easily be build. This in turn helps to increase the effectiveness of the therapy. Another factor that can help improve therapy is scientific research. Scientific research will create grounded knowledge which can help to increase the effectiveness of therapy. Our involvement in research indicates that we do not like to parrot what others say.

We are pleased to announce that we have opened an office in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Cyberjaya is the heart of scientific and technology innovation in Malaysia. The office will focus on supporting our existing research and will also embark on new research on therapy for different types of disorders. Initially, our Malaysian office will provide limited therapy sessions (by appointment only) and priority will be given to those with disorders related to our research.

The address of our Malaysian office is:

A211 CoPlace 1
Jalan Usahawan 2
63000 Cyberjaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan