Friday, 24 February 2017 08:52

Will there be a large PISANG Centre?

PISANG is a not-for-profit organisation, registered as a company limited by guarantee. There are no shareholders in PISANG. This means that PISANG has got its own legal entity and is not owned by any individual. Any assets that PISANG owns belongs to PISANG alone. The assets are not owned by the directors or any other individuals. Since the formal registration, PISANG has been operating from the current property known as "Pisang House" in Bicester. The property is privately owned and does not belong to PISANG.

On the long run, PISANG will need to grow financially, increase the number of professionally trained therapists and build up its own assets to enable it to continue providing services to those in need. In order to make this financially viable, a large centre will be needed. However the cost of acquiring a large centre is very prohibitive. The rate of donation received so far for the PISANG Centre project gives a clear indication that the project can never be realised in our lifetime. However we would like to thank those who have contributed and are still contributing via monthly contributions. The donation received will still be reserved for acquiring a new centre bi iznillah. Those who have been giving donations share our vision and hope that the PISANG Centre project will eventually become a reality, inshaAllah. We are still committed to acquiring a large PISANG Centre to ensure that PISANG will continue to provide services to those in need.

We are taking a more realistic approach to acquiring a large PISANG Centre. With property price in Bicester increasing rapidly, PISANG will have to acquire a smaller property quickly before it is too late. Based on our experience since we started operation in 2008, we cannot rely on donations as a source of funding. Most of the donations since then have come from the directors of PISANG. We now have to look into borrowing money from those who wish that PISANG will continue to provide services. Our plan now is to immediately purchase "Pisang House" at the current market value. Work will inshaAllah start next month (March 2017) on extending the property. The extension is needed to enable us to start training therapists. We aim to raise £450,000 to purchase the property and pay for the extension. We hope that those who have been using our services will be able to loan PISANG whatever amount they can afford for a period of 5 to 10 years. Terms of repayment can be negotiated. Over 2000 people have benefited from PISANG and if 450 people can loan PISANG £1000 each, we will be able to raise the amount required. We are also currently looking at other business opportunities in order to raise money to repay the loan as soon as possible.

May Allah make it easy for us to achieve this noble aim. Amin.