Friday, 09 December 2016 00:15

Next Phase for PISANG

The idea of forming PISANG to promote Islamic Medical Treatment using ruqyah as a core treatment was floated back in late 2007. The idea was the result of brainstorming by 5 people in Malaysia. Several objectives were set in order to promote Islamic Medical Treatment as a respected mainstream medical discipline. Since then almost all of the objectives have progressed significantly. PISANG was promptly registered in the UK in April 2008. Soon after registration, PISANG organised ruqyah mobile clinics in various cities in the UK and promoted the notion that jinn can cause diseases and disorders. In those days, the awareness of jinn as a contributor to diseases and disorders were met with skepticism by many people. There were voices raised in the media and internet of disbelief that we were talking about jinn in the new millennium. To them jinn only existed in medieval times. Now those skeptics have been silenced. PISANG also trained hundreds of people in UK, Egypt, Yemen, Australia and South Korea in the field of ruqyah.

PISANG have made many other contributions since then even though PISANG is run by a very small committee. We have collaborated with Jabatan Mufti Selangor Malaysia to organise two experts seminars on sihr law. PISANG was a key founder of Gabungan Persatuan Pengubatan Islam Malaysia (GAPPIMA), a national umbrella organisation for ruqyah practitioners in Malaysia. We have also worked hard to ensure that Islamic Medical Practice was accepted by the Ministry of Health Malaysia when the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Act was tabled in Malaysian parliament. Our involvement in academic research is ongoing and our own internal research has produced Pisangtherapy Retreat, a therapeutic intervention for jinn possession that excels over other interventions. Recently we are also a key founder of Persatuan Terapi Holistic Islam Malaysia (THIS), a national organisation in Malaysia to research and promote an Islamic-inspired holistic approach in health care.

These contributions and successes were the results of our dedication to work in a professional manner despite under the constraint of scarce financial resources. The bulk of the financial resources were from contributions of the committee members. Our small team of committee members have delivered amazing results over a relatively short period.

Even though we have achieved a lot, we are still dedicated to do a lot more. Our next phase is to set up Yayasan PISANG (PISANG Foundation) in Malaysia. This will enable us to contribute more effectively in promoting a holistic approach of Islamic Medical Practice with ruqyah as a core treatment. Yayasan PISANG will start to provide treatment and therapy, engaged in academic research and provide quality training for those who want to be professional Islamic Medical Practitioners. We will also be more engaged in academic research in order to make our Pisangtherapy Retreat an evidence-based intervention for jinn possession.

May Allah make it easy for us to achieve this noble aim. Amin.