Thursday, 18 June 2009 09:03

Islamic Medical Treatment and Mental Health

The jinn-screening and Islamic Medical Treatment exercises done by PISANG in the last few months have brought some interesting aspects on the relationship between jinn infliction and mental health problems. To date several people with mental illness/mental health problems such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression have been tested positive to have jinn-affliction.

Our method for testing jinn-infliction is non-intrusive and is achieved through the recitation of selected verses of the Quran on the person. The verses are read aloud and those who have been inflicted will experience various feeling such as sharp pain, heaviness on the shoulder, sharp increase in heartbeat, hot etc. As this method involves feedback from those being screened, it removes any suspicion that our diagnosis of jinn-affliction is a hoax. Sceptics who have been attending our jinn-screening sessions have also been silenced.

We are keen to have people with mental health problems to undergo a programme of Islamic Medical Treatment whilst they continue with their prescribed medication, if any. The Islamic Medical Treatment programme will use a holistic approach and will comprise of, but not restricted to, Ruqyah Syar'iyyah methodology, talking therapy and plan of actions for the patients.

Ruqyah Shar'iyyah is a non-intrusive Islamic Medical Treatment methodology through the recitation of selected Quranic verses on the patient. As the Quranic verses are read aloud, patients and carers will feel comfortable that our methodology is in accordance with Islamic guidelines. This is not just our view but also the view of those who have attended our jinn-screening and Islamic Medical Treatment sessions. It is therefore not surprising that we are continuing to receive numerous requests for more mobile clinics to be organised. However our limited financial resources means that most of the requests could not be fulfilled.

The number of people with Mental Health problems that we have is still very small, making it impossible to do a proper scientific study. We hope more people with Mental Illness / Mental Health problems will contact us and benefit from Islamic Medical Treatment. PISANG is a not-for-profit organisation and one of our objectives is to promote Islamic Medical Practice. This can be achieved through the publication of our research activities.

PISANG follows Islamic guidelines in Islamic Medical Treatment and patients do not have to embrace the Islamic faith to benefit from our services.