Monday, 17 August 2009 22:20

Awareness Of Islamic Medical Treatment On The Increase

The success of our mobile clinics has attracted a growing number of people seeking private treatment from us. This is very encouraging as it is an indication that many people are beginning to understand the importance and relevance of Islamic Medical Treatment. At the moment a lot of requests for treatment have come from the British Asian Muslim community, even though our services is open to everyone regardless of faith or ethnicity.

As part of the process of educating the public, relatives of patients are allowed to witness the treatment sessions. As in many cases, this has managed to change the views of those have been skeptical or unsure of the effectiveness of Islamic Medical Treatment. The presence of relatives during treatment sessions can be very helpful as well. For example, in one of our treatment sessions, the jinn possessing a Pakistani lady did not speak any English but spoke in Punjabi instead. We had no option but to get her family members to do the translation from Punjabi to English and vice versa. This has been a big experience for the relatives who saw the impact of the recitation of Quranic verses on the jinn, conversed with the jinn and also witnessed the jinn's conversion to Islam. Of course, the patient who has been suffering in silence for many many years became a very happy lady after the treatment.

British Muslim community has the worst reported health. With the knowledge that they can now get Islamic Medical Treatment in the country and talk to people who understand their belief and concern, we are confident that more British Muslims will use our service. Those who have approached us for treatment have been very open in describing their problems and fear. This is very encouraging as the information can help us to administer a more effective therapy.

However, with the limited financial resources, we are not able to service all requests for treatment. This obviously has caused disappointment to many of those who seek our help. We hope to raise more fund so that more people can benefit from our services. We appreciate if you can help us in organising any fund raising events.