Tuesday, 08 September 2009 22:16

Islamic Medical Treatment Mobile Clinic In Manchester

We will be organising a mobile clinic in Manchester on Saturday 3rd October 2009. Please visit this website regularly for the latest information.

Date: Saturday 3rd october 2009
Time: 1.30 pm to 7.00 pm
Venue: Islah Centre, 61 - 63 Ladybarn Lane, Manchester M14 6YL

1.05 pm Dhuhr prayer
1.30 pm Talk and Q&A: Islamic Medical Treatment and Mental Health
2.30 pm Jinn-Screening session
3.00 pm Recitation of Surah Ya-Seen (All patients must attend)
3.30 pm Treatment session I
4.30 pm Asr prayer
4.50 pm Treatment session II
7.00 pm End of mobile clinic
7.10 pm Maghrib prayer

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Wan Mohd Sufian Wan Husain will be joining us at the clinic to provide treatment. Trained by Darul Shifa' Islamic Medical Treatment Centre in Malaysia, Mr. Wan Sufian also brings along many years of experience in Islamic Medical Treatment.

Please register as soon as possible to enable us to schedule the treatment sessions. Treatment priority will be given to those who attend the talk/screening session at the start of event and those who have pre-registered. There is no charge for screening or treatment. However, we appreciate any donation to cover the high cost of hall rental, travelling, food & accommodation etc.

In the spirit of celebrating Eid, we also encourage you to bring some food/drinks to share with others. This may also bring relief to those who may have to wait long hours for their treatment turn. In the interest of privacy, treatment will be done in separate rooms.

If you are would like to attend the clinic for screening or treatment or simply to hear a talk on Islamic Medical Treatment, please register using the "Contact Us" form or send an email to info @ pisang.org.uk

Notes for those seeking treatment:

  • Please bring a bottle of mineral water per person. You can bring as much water as you like
  • The treatment session will start with the recitation of Surah Ya-Seen. This is part of the treatment session and those who are seeking treatment are expected to attend the recitation session. Please bring along your bottles of mineral water
  • Those who require shielding of their house against jinn should bring 1kg course (not fine) salt and 1kg of whole (not ground) black peppercorns. We will do the Quranic recitations on the items and will instruct you how to use them to shield your house