Sunday, 11 October 2009 22:13

PISANG held Islamic Medical Treatment courses in Australia

Islamic Medical Treatment course in Melbourne

More and more people are taking Islamic Medical Treatment courses from PISANG. After successfully conducting the courses (Level 1 and Level 2) in Egypt where about 1500 people took the courses, PISANG held similar courses in Australia in August and September 2009. By training new people in Islamic Medical Treatment, PISANG hopes to create a new generation of Islamic Medical Practitioners who are able to provide holistic approach to the treatment of diseases. These practitioners will also be part of the global force to make Islamic Medical Treatment as part of the mainstream medical discipline.

The vision and mission of PISANG has attracted a lot of people willing to contribute their time, expertise and other resoources to propagate Islamic Medical Treatment on a global basis. Our courses in Egypt led to the formation of PISANG Mesir and similarly our courses in Sydney has led to the formation of PISANG Sydney (

PISANG has been able to attract intellectuals and professionals from various disciplines (e.g. Islamic Shariah, modern medicine, engineering etc) to learn about Islamic Medical Treatment. The involvement of many young and energetic people in PISANG will have a great impact on the propagation and acceptance of Islamic Medical Treatment in the years to come.