Tuesday, 08 December 2009 22:09

Malaysian Students in South Korea Welcome PISANG

PISANG in South Korea

The interest in knowing more about Islamic Medical Treatment has prompted some Malaysian students in South Korea to host an event on the subject. Gone are the days when people feel embarassed to talk about Islamic Medical Treatment, fearing that they may be labelled as those living in the 19th Century or even before that. They can now talk about the unseen creation of God and how these unseen creatures can cause illnesses to mankind.

The growing interest in the subject amongst intellectuals around the globe is very encouraging. These will be the people who will promote Islamic Medical Treatment and will ready to face the skeptics. The main reason why some people are still skeptical about Islamic Medical Treatment is simply because they have not got the chance to know more about the knowledge. For this reason PISANG will continue to propagate Islamic Medical Treatment throughout the globe, challenging the skeptics if necessary.