Wednesday, 24 March 2010 05:49

PISANG meets Malaysian Students Department Cairo

PISANG meeting with Malaysian Students Department Cairo

Hamidi (Chairman) and Nor Azian (Secretary cum Director of Research) were in Cairo, Egypt from 23rd to 27th March 2010. Apart from meeting PISANG Mesir, the Hamidi and Nor Azian also had a meeting with the Dr. Jamil Hashim (Director, Malaysian Students Department), Ustaz Abdullah Mat (JAKIM Officer) and En. Zulkifli Din (Education Atache, Malaysian Students Department) on 23rd March.

Amongst the subjects discussed were PISANG's plan to host 2 or 3 students from Egypt for the planned "Social Service Programme" in UK. Under this programme, the selected students will spend 3 months in the UK and will undertake several voluntary tasks in the UK e.g. performing Islamic Medical Treatment to PISANG's clients and teaching of Islam to Muslim reverts. Candidates will be chosen from those who have attended PISANG Islamic Medical Treatment course and have at least basic communication skills in English. MSD Cairo has requested PISANG to increase the number of participants.

An Intellectual Discourse on "Holistic Approach to Medical Treatment" is also planned for October 2010. The 1-day Intellectual Discourse which will be jointly organised by PISANG and Malaysian Students Department Cairo will target 200 Medical students and Religious Studies students. The event aims to create a new breed of Medical students who studies Islamic Medical Treatment alongside modern medicine.