Wednesday, 13 July 2011 22:31

Bridging Psychiatry and PISANG Quranic Therapy

Prof. Dr Zuraidah with PISANG Client Prof. Dr. Zuraida (right) assessing PISANG's client

PISANG had the pleasure of meeting an expert in psychiatry, Professor Dr Nor Zuraida Zainal who is Senior Consultant, Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry of Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, Malaysia on Wednesday 13th July 2011. Prof Dr Zuraida was invited to PISANG centre in Bicester for psychiatric assessment of a new PISANG client. The client has been suffering from mental health problem for 30 years and she is still currently taking medication prescribed by the NHS.

Prof Dr Zuraida's assessment of the client is part of an effort to compare and contrast diagnosis of mental health problems according to Western Psychiatry methodology and the New Quranic Therapy methodology currently being researched by PISANG. Having tried Western psychiatric treatment for 30 years, the client decided to try PISANG's Quranic Therapy to overcome her mental health problem.

As expected, PISANG's assessment of the client's mental health problem is different from that of Western Psychiatric discipline. We hope the case study on the client will enhance the sharing of knowledge between Psychiatry and Quranic Therapy e.g. the relationship between the efficacy of drugs prescribed and impact of Quranic Therapy intervention.

PISANG has numerous clients who have undergone years of psychiatric treatment in the past but have switched allegiance to Quranic Therapy. Together with Prof Dr Zuraida, we plan to get a few research papers published in respected psychiatric journals. This hopefully will help to bridge Western Psychiatry and Quranic Therapy.