Tuesday, 26 July 2011 22:28

PISANG Launches PISANG Knowledge Den

PISANG today launched a distance learning tuition service aimed at providing the necessary knowledge about Islam. The service is a response to requests by many of our clients who have , in the past, missed the opportunity in learning many basic but important knowledge about Islam.

Our first product in this service is the "Tajwid From Scratch" distance learning course. This service is based on a methodology for fast learning of Quranic recitation and has been enhanced based from the rich experiences in delivering the "Tajwid From Scratch" course to many groups of adults in Oxford.

The service has the following advantages:

  • The course is based on a proven fast-learning methodology.
  • Use of English terminology to easily remember and associate symbols with tajwid rules
  • Complete tajwid from pronunciation through to tajwid rules and tajwid exception rules.
  • You can learn tajwid from the comfort of your home. You need an internet connection and must go online at the allocated time.
  • It is suitable for those who feel embarrassed to learn reading the Quran in public places. The next thing people know is that you can read the Quran with proper tajwid.
  • The tuition system means that your individual progress is monitored and you can learn at your own pace. You can even opt for more lessons if needed. Learning tajwid is not just by listening but also by being listened to.
  • You get a set of 6 books.

More online resources will be added to the PISANG Knowledge Den website at PISANG Knowledge Den

Update 3rd August 2013: Tajwid from Scratch is now available as an online resource.