Sunday, 25 March 2012 18:30

Sponsor a New Muslim

Since PISANG began operation about 4 years ago, we have seen a steady increase in the number of people from all over UK using our services. Among those who have been using our services are new Muslims (also called reverts or Muslim converts). Almost all new Muslims that have contacted us are still relying on romanised transliteration to read the Quran. The desire in learning to read the Quran with proper tajwid is there, but the absence of learning facilities or lack of financial resources are obstacles preventing them from progressing.

PISANG has launched a "Sponsor a New Muslim" initiative to teach new Muslims tajwid from scratch. Anybody who would like to sponsor a new Muslim to read the Quran can make financial contribution on a monthly basis and PISANG will select a new Muslim or you can nominate a new Muslim that you will sponsor. We hope that you will support our initiative in helping to get more new Muslims to be able to read Quran with proper tajwid. Your support will make a significant change to the landscape of Islam in UK.

You can contribute to this initiative either through your personal financial contribution or by paying your zakat to this initiative. Please contact us for more details.