Friday, 15 February 2013 18:20

Training on Jinn Possession for Mental Health Professionals


There has been an increase in awareness of jinn-related mental health problems amongst the Muslims. A recent exploratory quantitative study conducted on Muslims in the UK (H. Rahman, Muslim belief in jinn-related mental health disorder and seeking input from psychotherapy services, Nov 2012, MSc Psychotherapy Studies dissertation, University of Sheffield) found out that Muslims who believe that they have jinn-related health problems will avoid going to the doctor and instead will seek treatment from someone who knows about jinn-related problems.

Professionals in the Mental Health sector need to understand the issues faced by Muslims on jinn-related mental health problems. This will give confidence to Muslims to seek proper help from reliable professional Mental Health services rather than seeking help from individuals who know very little about Mental Health. Whilst there are individuals who have good track record in dealing with jinn-related problems, there are also those who may endanger the clients through misdiagnosis, giving wrong advice or even using dangerous exorcism methods.

We have the expertise to provide the training to Mental Health professionals when dealing with clients who believe that they have jinn-related problems. The training can be customised to your requirements to include topics such as:

  • Islamic belief system and concepts relating to jinn-related illnesses: Islamic modelling of the human psyche
  • Muslims and issues of jinn-related illnesses: stigma and barriers in mental health
  • Symptoms of jinn possession: Compare and contrast with psychological disorder
  • Addressing cultural and religious sensitivities during therapy
  • Introduction to Quranic Therapy: Diagnostic tool and psychotherapeutic intervention for jinn-possession disorder

Training will be conducted by our Quranic Therapist practitioner, Hamidi Rahman (MSc in Psychotherapy Studies, University of Sheffield).

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