Definition: being in the state of impure due to the condition one is in

There are 2 types of hadath

a. Major hadith

b. Minor hadath

Why do we need to be pure before worshipping?

  1. It is a unique requirement in Islam that before we offer ourselves in devotion to our God, we must enter into a state of ceremonial purity in which we have to wash ourselves and made our mental state properly prepared
  2. To help us to change our state of mind while worshipping 
  3. To unite our physical condition (clean from najis) and our mind 


Major Hadath 

  1. One is in a state of impure which requires Ghusl (obligatory shower) to be pure again
  2. Reasons of becoming impure

a. Menstruation 

1. Menstruation may begin as early as 9 years old

2. It is the dirty blood that comes out of a female womb

3. Obligatory shower is required once bleeding  stops

4. Minimum  period  of discharge is 24 hours 

5. Maximum period  of discharge is 15 days 

6. Normal time of discharge is 6 – 7 days

7. Minimum break between menstruations  is 15 days

8. Discharge after 15 days  is called istihadah, (chronic vaginal discharge) or illness blood and the lady is required to perfom solat and other amal (refer below what to do next)

9. The colour of menstruation blood is dark red, dark yellow or brown

10. Obligatory shower has to be done when the menstruation is completed


b. Post-natal bleeding

1. It refers to the blood that comes after delivering a baby

2. Minimum period of discharge is a second  

3. Maximum period of discharge is 60 days 

4. Obligatory shower need to done when the bleeding stops


c. Wiladah 

1. The period after giving birth

2. The child is born in a dry state, that is there is no post-natal bleeding

3. Obligatory shower is done as soon as possible


 d. Sexual intercourse 

1. The head of penis  enters the  vagina 

2. whether sperm is ejaculated or not


e. Emission of fluids  from both man (sperm) and women (sexual fluid)

1. Due to pleasure

2. Wet dream

3. Involuntarily

f. Death except for martyr (a special topic later)

g. Upon becoming a Muslim / entering Islam



How to purify from major hadath?

Perform Ghusl (obligatory purificatory bath).


What are unlawful (haram) acts  when in a state of major hadith

  1. To solat
  2. To circumbulate the kaabah (tawaf)
  3. To touch the qur’an
  4. To recite the Qur’an
  5. To remain in the mosque

Additional unlawful acts for menstruation and postnatal bleeding

  1. To have sexual intercourse
  2. Fasting – any missed obligatory fast need to be made up later


 Minor Hadath

1. It is a state of impure which requires taking wudhu (ablution) to become pure again

2. If water is not available it can be replaced by Tayammum 

3. Reasons of becoming impure, that is wudhu’ is nullified

a. Anything that exits from the front or rear private parts

1. Excretion

2. Urine

3. Wind

4. Blood

5. Other solids


b. Loss of sanity that is the loss of the ability to distinguish right or wrong

1. Through insanity

2. For being  unconsciousness

3. For falling asleep. If he/she sleeps with his/her bottom firmly seated  to prevent the breaking of wind, he/she is still pure

4. Others


c. Skin contact between a man and woman who is not the mahram (person you cannot marry because of blood relation)

1. Both man and woman become impure

2. You are still in a pure state  if you  touch children that has not reach puberty

3. You become impure if you touch old man or woman that has lost his or sexual desire

4. You are still in a pure state if you accidentally touch the hair, teeth and nails 


d. Touching human private parts of yourself or others with either  the palms of your hands or the flat surfaces of your fingers


You are still in a pure state if:

1. Daydreaming

2. Drowsing  where you can still hear the words of those present  even though you cannot understand it

3. If the private part is touched with the back of the hand


How to purify from minor hadath

Perform Ablution

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