Paper: Intra and Inter-psyche Conflicts and Analysis of Symptoms of Jinn Possession

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Authors: Hamidi Abdul Rahman, Mostafa Kamal Mokhtar, Ab Rahman Roseliza-Murni, Arena Che Kasim
(Centre for Human and Societal Wellbeing, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,


Introduction: A jinn possession model from the Islamic epistemology is discussed and its role in causing inter-psyche and intra-psyche conflicts. An analysis of the symptoms of jinn possession can also help differentiate jinn possession from mental disorders. Methods: An analysis of 34 symptoms of jinn possession, derived from symptoms used by globally established ruqyah experts, was conducted using quantitative approach. Out of the 1088 participants, 530 were diagnosed as having jinn possession. Their symptoms were analysed using Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) with Principal Component extraction method and Varimax rotation. Results: Some cases of mental health disorders can also be diagnosed as jinn possession according to ruqyah practitioners. The EFA analysis of the symptoms extracted 6 factors associated with jinn possession i.e. abnormal thoughts, faith delusion, scary dreams, sleep disturbances, low mood and hallucinations. Conclusion: Some mental disorders may also be cases of jinn possession. Jinn possession refers to any disorder with an underlying jinn possession factor. Faith delusion can be used to distinguish jinn possession from mental disorders. The findings can act as a foundation for the development of a model for jinn possession that will lead to the development of an instrument for the diagnosis of jinn possession.

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