Another paper co-authored by Nor Azian Ab Rahman, our Director of Research.

Paper: Bridging Modern Medicine with Islamic Complementary Medicine: Preliminary Attempts in Malaysian Context

Authors: Hussin, Supyan; Rahman, Nur Azian Ab; On, Low Kok; Mokhtar, Mostafa Kamal

Source: Advanced Science Letters, Volume 24, Number 7, July 2018, pp. 4820-4823(4)

Publisher: American Scientific Publishers


Modern medicine has a long historical account. It is established through continuous series of contributions by many other disciplines. However, modern medicine does not provide answers and solutions to cure all diseases; otherwise it will not introduce the term idiopathic. When allopathy medicine failed to provide solutions to complicated disease that is related to jinn influence on the patients, then alternative medicine, complementary medicine, traditional healing, and Islamic complementary medicine (ICM) may be referred to. This paper discusses the bridging of modern medicine and ICM in dealing with six cases of patients who received treatments from both practices in Malaysia. These preliminary attempts have brought in positive results to the patients well-being and wellness.

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